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Jijai Women's Health

Welcome to Jijai Women's Health! This is the start of an incredible journey. To help you along, we offer info on pregnancy symptoms, weight gain and nutrition, what's safe during pregnancy and what's not, pregnancy stages, labor and delivery, and more.

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We are very much thankful to the Jijai hospital and its dedicated staff for giving a new life to our baby after the successful pediatric surgery.

I would say that Jijai is one of the best hospitals that are equipped with the most advanced treatment facilities as well as highly qualified physicians. I am thankful to this hospital and its complete staff for taking full care of me and my baby during and after the delivery.

Never thought my six months old baby would grow up as a normal child. My child was suffering from several diseases that no physician was able to cure completely. As a last hope, I went to Jijai hospital. And there after keeping the baby for fifteen days in the special care unit, my baby got cured completely.

My baby had a great time at Jijai Hospital while undergoing a minor pediatric surgery. She is absolutely fine now we are having a great time together. Thanks to the physicians and their staff for curing my baby perfectly.

Thank you Jijai hospital and their staffs for helping me get over the complicated pregnancy with much ease. I am happy to have received the most advanced treatment facilities for a successful delivery.