Pregnancy is a delicate period for both the woman as well as child. Even as you plan a baby, regular visits to the gynecologist are a must. For pregnant women, pre-natal care and post delivery therapy can ensure a smooth transition towards becoming a mother.

The 5 most important reasons you need to do a Pre-Marital Screening:

• Assessment of the general health status.
• Identification of any possible health problems that may have an impact on one’s fertility.
• Detection if one is a carrier of hereditary diseases and infections.
• Decrease in the chances of spread of sexually transmitted diseases & infections.
• Quick treatment or necessary precautions can be initiated if the screening reveals health problems.

What Does Our Program Cover?

• Consultation
• Gynaecology
• Laboratory Services
• Complete Haemogram
• Blood Grouping & Rh Factor
• Triglycerides
• HbA1c
• HCV-lgG
• Hb Electrophoresis
• Rubella lgG
• Radiology Services
• Pathology tests for partner
• (Optional/ Add on)
• Urologist
• Complete Haemogram
• Urine R/M

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