Tips to Become Pregnant

Understand the natural process of conception

It is important to know the days when you are likely to fall pregnant. This generally 14 days before your period is due. Normal relations on few days before and after is the best way to achieve a pregnancy normally.

Reduce weight in overweight individuals

Excess weight leads to hormonal imbalance and Ovulatory disorders. It is a very important part of any fertility treatment. This could be done by adjusting the diet (calorie intake) and doing regular exercises (calorie expenditure).

Give up smoking

Smoking is well known to affect the sperm quality adversely.

Stress management

Try to relax because too much stress does not help. Hormonal disturbances may be caused.

Timely appropriate treatment

Infertility can be treated in most cases, but it is important to seek the correct and timely advice from Specialists in this field. Please ensure that you start treatment in a specialized fertility centre. If you are not careful, you may undergo unnecessary investigations and prolonged treatment. This may result in waste of valuable time.

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