I had a high risk pregnancy & it took me 10 years after marriage to conceive. Thanks a lot to the team at Jijai who very meticulously helped me through the pregnancy process and helped me deliver a princess and a prince!

Jijai Hospital in Thane was an amazing experience. Our daughter Mercy came from Australia bearing twins. Both the doctors took great care of her. Despite complications, the delivery went well and she flew back with twin baby boys! Thanks for the excellent treatment by Dr. Jadhav & the staff at Jijai Hospital.

At 55, me & my wife had opted for IVF. But due to complications of Diabetes & High BP, it would be challenging. Despite that, Dr. Raghvendra Jadhav & his NICU team at JIJAI ensured that the delivery went without a hitch. Today, we're happy parents of a healthy set of twins.

When I was expecting a set of twins, I found out about my low lying placenta. From the 6th month of my pregnancy, I had experienced bleeding. The team at Jijai overcame this & many other obstacles with patience. Thanks to them, both my angels are safe and at home!

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