Premarital Screening

Why is Pre-Marital Screening important?

Pre-Marital Screening for the most common infectious diseases and genetic disorders paves way for a healthy reproductive life. It aims to alleviate the pain and suffering that certain diseases and conditions can cause. This package has been designed especially for those who are planning to get married.

• Assessment of the general health status.
• Identification of any possible health problems that may have an impact on one’s fertility.
• Detection if one is a carrier of hereditary diseases and infections.
• Decrease in the chances of spread of sexually transmitted diseases & infections.
• Quick treatment or necessary precautions can be initiated if the screening reveals health problems.

Programme comprising of

• Consultation
• Gynaecology
• Laboratory Services
• Complete Haemogram
• Blood Grouping & Rh Factor
• Triglycerides
• HbA1c
• Hb Electrophoresis
• HCV-lgG
• Rubella lgG
• Radiology Services
• Pathology tests for partner
• (Optional/ Add on)
• Urologist

Programme comprising of

• Overnight fasting required
• Bladder should be full

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