Gynecological Screening Programme

Gynaecological examination is necessary not only when symptoms appear but otherwise as well, as not every infection is accompanied by symptoms. These potential problems, if ignored and not screened proactively can lead to grave consequences like infertility and tumorous conditions. Hence, regular gynaecological screening is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. These tests help in reducing morbidity by a definite diagnosis and quick treatment.

Gynaecological (Infection) Screening Programme:
Program comprising of

• Consultation
• Gynaecology
• Laboratory Services
• Complete Haemogram
• Chlamydial (Urine), PCR
• HbSAg
• HPV- DNA High Risk
• Thin Prep Cytology
• Urine R/M
• Radiological Services
• TVS/ Ultrasound Pelvis
• Chest X Ray


• Bladder should be full.

Please inform in case of suspected Pregnancy.

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